Car Malarkey


Do you want to see what economy my Citroen Saxo is currently producing? Well look just below. I got the car on the 1st August (snob) 1997, and started measuring fuel comsumption and mileage properly in the October :

Put that foot down

If you want to follow in my footsteps, and get your MPGs sorted out for typing a couple of numbers each time you fill up, then please feel free to us this template which is for MS Works '95, as I can't get proper graphing by date to work in Lotus 123. (If anyone feels like showing me the way to do it then please feel free).
Car Cost Template (Works) - this doesn't just do the MPG, it also does graphs for total fuel cost/usage, cost of car per mile and total mileage by date. Phew!
Goes like a train Let the train take the strain
There is also a 123 template for you to work with, but I'll leave you to draw the graphs.

This is what my car looks like : Saxo Automobile Bright Metallic Green!


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