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About the Audio Clips

The clips which are presented below were recorded in 44kHz 16-bit stereo, and edited and the noise reduced in an excellent program called Cool Edit '96. However the set of clips at the time of writing take 75MB native.
To reduce the download time, and increase the number of clips that I can include, I have done one or both of the following :

  1. Converted the clip to MP3 format at 128Kbit/s in either mono or 12-bit Joint Stereo
    (This is my recommeded format for listening on this page. All of the clips are included in this format, and are of good quality. I use WinAmp for Windows, other machines are available which is shareware at $10 (right now), and as good as any. If you're wondering about the sample set size - it's down to 5.5Meg)
  2. Resampled the clip at 22k Mono, and saved as a standard .WAV files
    (There are less of these clips as they are bigger than mp3s, and the set still takes 9.3Megs.)

You can usually play the samples by just clicking on the links, if this doesn't work then your helper applications are up the spout in your browser, or you may not have the necessary sound hardware. You should also be able to download/save the sounds for later by holiding down SHIFT while clicking the links. Or right click and Save Link As.
If you want a copy of the native samples then please contact me, details in the Bits & Bobs part of the site, and I'll try to sort you out.

The Beginning

My audio exploits began after much badgering of my mum (see picture in Cam's Visual) to buy a cassette recorder. Goodness knows where the inspiration for this came from, but it did, and the badgering paid off.
As a present for 'being good' at my sister's wedding in June 1985 (I was 11), my brother and I were presented with a Matsui Mono Radio/Cassette, cost around 25UKP. 14 years too early it led the pack and went for a sleek silver finish, which now is mandatory on audio equipment. However, enough of the rambling about casing fashions.

Starting Recording

The first foray into radio type recordings came with the Dixons C60 cassettes purchased, again after much harranging of my mother, after explaining that the machine was pretty useless without them. They starred my brother and myself and a Philips record deck running my sisters disgarded record collection.
I planned to bring you a clip of the first of these particular tapes, but they are still lodged back at my parents house, so after Easter there will be a link here

Off the beaten track early on

It wasn't just re-recording of 7" records though, I discovered ways of pushing that machine beyond it's limits. Early multitracking came by learning that by partially pressing down the record button, the erase head did not erase the previous part of the tape. So some 'rounds' were recorded : 'Biggest Record' WAV - (88K) | 'Biggest Record' MP3 - (32K) or even the better rendition of a DIY store's catchline 'Pop Into Toms' MP3 - (66K) .

Radio Days

Later on, the foray into electronics came, and a failed attempt was made to construct an FM transmitter using a plan from J. Bull Electrical in Brighton (the coils were prepared using solid core copper turned around a pencil, with the hope that the coils would not short). Following this I purchased a 'Tokai' TWM-215 radio microphone from the same establishment for 13UKP in 1988. Below is what its packaging looks like - what do you think of the lady-man with the mike? Radio Microphone packaging
The range printed on the packaging (500 feet ~ 150 metres) did not seem to be over specified, but it allowed the device to be used in and around the house, but not far down the road. I have many recordings of range tests which usually involve horrendous break-ups of the signal as soon as we leave the front gate.

Prepared Programming

Despite the limited range of the radio microphone, regular programming began in 1990, usually on a Sunday evening at the end of the chart programme on Radio One MP3 - MP3 (73K).
In February 1990 I moved frequencies to 104FM and recorded a set of jingles, (using a Casio SK1 keyboard the first commercially available sampling keyboard in the UK). The jingles were to use for my (now daily) programming, and were created using samples of random sound effects that I created, and the pre-programmed rhythms on the keyboard.
At this stage in the operation I was using the operating station name of 'Radio CPE', standing for Cameron Patterson Enterprises. CPE logo
Other 90/60 minute recordings were available on cassette from the existing programmes that had not been broadcast.

First Set of Jingles

There are 3 jingles recorded from the February 1990 session. They are presented here in chronological order :

Two of the original jingles have been erased, firstly 'TV Melody' which was 37" long, and 'Featured Artist' which frankly deserved to get wiped, it was just a cacophony of 'Featured Artist' samples at various pitches.

The MIDI/Computer age begins

'TV Melody' was replaced in the first half of 1991 by the first version of the News jingle - MP3 (257K). that I composed, and Jonathan Rust arranged for his MIDI keyboard. The voices on this keyboard were no better than the Casio, but the machine was directly addressable by computer via it's MIDI interface.
The computer we used was the SAM Coupé, developed by Miles Gordon Technology in Swansea (now out of business). The SAM was a funny old machine, great for programming and I undertook many projects on this box, some of which were published on the SAM disk magazines of the time. Take a look at the SAM Coupé simulator - which is a marvellous emulator out there on the net.

The Name Change

The whole radio project was now becoming larger by now, more people were getting involved, including my cousin Douglas Noble, and fellow school incumbants, Peter Smith and Jonathan Rust. You can find pictures of them in the Visuals part of this website. Together with the new purchase of a new higher powered transmitter kit, this time from Greenweld Electronics in Southampton, it became apparent that a name change would be necessary.
It's unclear how the name first came about, but the station was labelled with the moniker 'Satan FM'. Satan FM logo However, looking at this name, we find that 'Radio Satan' can be a corruption of 'radio station', and that radio stations of the time were falling over each other to add 'FM' to their name, witness Radio 1's rebirth as '1FM'. Perhaps the pirate nature of the whole affair also had an influence !
Again we tuned the transmitter to around 104FM, and now the range of the station appeared to be around 2 miles, line of sight - enough to cover the whole town.

The SFM jingle set

Once the name was set further jingles were recorded for the station. This time 4-track recorders and the Roland MIDI module were borrowed from the music department at the High School. Allowing much higher quality than from out home keyboards. By this time Jonathan Rust had also purchased a SAM computer and was busily coding this machine to produce jingles and stings :

The only exact date I have is for these clips is for the news jingle which was recorded on the 19 October 1991, the rest were recorded over the following 2 weekends.

The SFM Catalogue & Descriptions

In 1991 an 'Order Form' was produced listing all the cassette recordings, and a 'product descriptions' sheet was also made. All were printed by a lovely Citizen 120D+ printer, and produced on my SAM Coupé computer. I have reproduced both these documents within the table below :

Code Title.................................................................................................................. Running Time Price (UKP) Tick Here
F01 Satan FM- The Extravaganza (Highlights) -
{ Edited version of a Bank Holiday Monday FM law breaking exercise
F02 The Rusting Camshaft Show -
{ Our guide to your local scrapyard where SATANIC rituals are held with Je**y
F03 The Backwards Tape Experience -
{ tsirhC-itnA lacol ruoy htiw sgnilbmar cinataS eroM
F04 The Girlie Talk Experience -
{ Not for parents, grandad, pe-pubescant males, or for that matter, Girlies
F05 Charlie Jimmy's Find the Note Experience -
{ Charlie from Glasgow finds missing notes in MAX-AM piss-take/Scintilating quiz
C01 CPE Part 1 - 
{ A six part History lesson in which Cameron gets over-familiar with his red
C02 CPE Part 2 -
{ microphone, and Piglet and Pooh meet a Heffalump, This, however, does not
C03 CPE Part 3 -
{ detract from the overall educational value of these cassettes which should
C04 CPE Part 4 - 
{ prove invaluable in acheiving an A-Grade in A-Level History. (But not if Mrs.
C05 CPE Part 5 -
{ Hill is your teacher)  These compact audio cassettes, although analogue,
C06 CPE Part 6 - 
{ provide much excuse for filling up space on this form
E01 The Complete SATAN FM Extravaganza -
{ The complete unadulterated version of the world famous SATAN FM Extravaganza
F06 Project Trident Experience 1 & Mok Exam Exp -
{ Our Work Experience experiences experienced for your experiences & How to freeze your bollocks off in a pretend exam, in a hall full of wheezing folk
F07 Project Trident Experience 2 & Mok Exam Exp -
{ As above, but with a trip to Spittal beach and a message for all English tutors
F08 The Fone Bugging Experience -
{ Bugged Phones ahoy! (Up yours, British Telecom)  Not for sale to Buzby, Beattie, Fidel Castro or Bryan Adams without their prior assasination
F09 Nolcam -
{ Back in the VERY early days of Satan FM, N. Dalrymple comes to visit(??!!??)
F10 Doug & Cam, Live with Dodgy Talkback -
{ Dodgy bzzt-wherple-hsss-fzzp-Radio Borduzz-Sodding Machinzz-Talkback
F11 The Sing-a-Long-a-Tom Cruise Tape -
{ SATAN FM stars in shock-horror interview/sing-song with Top Gun actor (ahem)
S01 The Andrew McLeod Obituary -
{ After the untimely demise of AD Mcleod, we bring you a tribute to the dead man
S02 The Andrew McLeod Mega-mikz -
{ An extended insult.....err....tribute to Scotchy. Inc- Many original piss-takes
F12 The SUNDAY after FRIDAY 13th Experience -
{ Odd happenings in live phone-out, including wrong nos. and very strange Smith people
F13 The Fabulous 1st of June Tape -
{ 'Cos of the significance of the date,a Satan FM tape just had to be produced
F14 The Granma Got Run Over By a Reindeer Exp -
{ In this tribute to SANTA, Grandma gets run over by a Reindeer in the studio
F15 The "Waffle Waffle about a Birthday" Tape -
{ If you've Got The Time, then Sit Down and listen to this Satan FM product
90 1.50  
****  Quantity Discounts:    6.00 - 5 tapes    10.00 - 10 tapes  ****


Other Recordings

There are numerous other recordings safely in the SFM vault. To give you some sort of idea of the other types of recordings we hold, the following are presented for your listening pleasure :

Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust - WAV (444K). This is the backward Version, revealing to us all that the late, and some may say great, Fred Mercury was telling us - "It's fun to smoke Marjuana, Woosh Woosh Neggy Neggy". Play it right way round if you don't believe it's true. This was recorded on the 20th April 1991, and proved inspiration for the SFM 'Backwards Tape Experience'.

A live jammed blues (mmmmmm) set - MP3 (930K). This recording was made on Friday 3rd January 1992 on a test cassette which is not otherwise available. Where the subject material came from is still contentded at regular occasions, but 2 days later - I got my gravy courtesy of mum's Sunday lunch.

A 24hr TV marathon - MP3 (43K). This was very lame, and started in the early 1990s as ITV's opposition to the BBC 'Children in Need' and the 'Comic Relief' events. Michael Aspel made a fool of himself (and even nipped off for some sleep in the middle (poor thing) ). Needless to say it's been pulled as they can fill up 24hrs of TV with dross on all channels nowadays. This is unfortunate as the BBC test card was one of the most interesting, and mesmerising ever devised.

More Coming soon on this page :


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