The Picture Guide to the 1999 solar eclipse in Watford


20 minutes before the best viewing time. It's not really dark at all, just a time to smoke. People here are from the same MTS CMTD course as me.

Showing off the full force of the image of the eclipse on his ample belly. Greig Marshall of AGN Ops.

After the belly button display, going for the full effect on a flip-chart. Note he is using his own name card from the course. (this image has been artifically lightened as it is quite dark now)

Leading up to the eclipse, quite a lot of the sun still in view.

The sky, occasionally overcast, allowed us to view the sliver of sun still showing, and to photograph it. This is a moment around max. totality in our location.


Too direct to view the actual image of the sun, this photograph best captures the mood and moment as the moon eclipses the sun.


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