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The Ocean Terminal page - how are the front lights on the complex performing? Check here.

Well, I'm still in the process of scanning in my photos now that I have a colour scanner at last. I have already done loads of rubbish like the animation of me moving from baby - to toddler - to youngster- to teenager - to adolescent, which you can see here. It's definitely one to look out for, if you're looking at why all the bandwidth in the network has disappeared........

The sections :

Here's a postcard for you if I didn't get one into the post to you from Florida.

A recent department do had us doing all sorts of stuff like dragon boat racing, assault courses and raft building. I was placed in the managers' team, and because of their course language, our team got the most 'red cards', so we got a shot on this seat....

This is my sister, Diane, in her most glamourous pose in the car just before wheel spinning out of the area upon finding I'd arrived unexpectedly at my parents house.

This is niece Hollie, in the same car.

These are my parents in typical pose, mum in fine form.

This is the old picture that used to be on the front page. It's not the official version of the silly hat day pictures, but it's certainly my favourite.

This is another old picture that used to be on the front page. Mocking the stones I've put on since college - no - honestly it is mocking !!

Since this picture was taken someone lost all his hair.

This photo was taken for the Lancaster Guardian, a normal local newspaper in the respect that it has no news except Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle has lost her cat, and that local students at Lancaster University are the first in the country to have their station, Bailrigg FM transmit permanently on FM, courtesy of the licence won by this chappie. Marvellous haircut (or lack of it).
You will be able to hear many samples from this time of my aural life on the Cam's Audio page. I'm not really good enough to work on proper radio though, so I work in data telecomms.

This was an unfortunate incident in a photo booth when I was getting my passport done. The real passport photo is not any better, but at least they can take a photocopy and not need my mug-shot when I next swallow 16 condoms full of cocaine and smuggle it into the country. Oops, that's given that away. Oh, and I don't go abroad on holiday. Yet.

This is a picture of my Grandad. He was called Alec. That's about all you need to know except that this was the first ever scan I did on my colour scanner, so it's here to add a bit of colour to the bottom of the page after all the b/w shots!


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