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Skye & Highlands - photos of the Oct 2006 trip Click 'ere guv'nor

China Trip - my photos & Nicky's top 30 of hers Click Here

Imogen and Finlay's wedding, 21st May 2005 - some shot's from the day Click Me
The Ocean Terminal page - how are the front lights on the complex performing? Check here.
Bailrigg FM archive material 1993 - 1996 is no longer here. If I ever get oodles of webspace I will upload again. Ask if you want by email and I'll try and help in the meantime.

Newer (hahaha) bits
Edinburgh July 2004: McLeod Family, (South) Queensferry + the Forth Bridges, Edinburgh from the top o' a bus, and of course : Bob and Victoria's wedding reception.
Budapest 2004. Pictures from the May trip with Nicky.
The real video and audio stuff is stuffed - sorry, no server, going to try something else at some point: Album Listing, list of all the albums/singles I've collected. Track Listing, list of all the tracks I have (on these disks).

Nothing much else here has changed for a million years except the above. It's time to be honest with you all - I used this site as a learning opportunity. I've now learned how to put (bad) web pages together, hence why I'm not updating the site all the time. Anyway - having said that there are major changes coming up mid-point in the decade. This is due to my promised projects actually doing something. Some of the things to come :

Please kick me if I haven't uploaded at least something by 2Q 2008. ;)

A bit about me :
Age: 30, Live in Warwickshire/Edinburgh, UK, Own house and no longer a car, GSOH. (no DSS). Single, never married, according to 2001 Census category. Career Hopes and Anspirations, - see my online ** CV **.
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So what do I do for a miserly living right now? Well, I used to work for the IBM Global Network, but was callously sold-off to AT&T, where I team led the router implementation team putting in you've guessed it : IBM's next generation data network (Power9)! (what goes around comes around eh!)
Since then I moved into the Architecture team of AT&T, before deciding 2005 was time for a new start, and where I've begun in earnest a year long contract in central Edinburgh with lots of room for visitors (just ask).

Sponsorship, a wonderful choccie bar (it's just a bounty) :

Picture Postcard

If you have any comments or suggestions then please drop me a line.



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