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Keele '99 why oh why? - annual exercise for the dept.

NDI1 Dept meeting July 1999 - Volleyball you say?

Please send me more pictures of events to put here. You will get your photos back.

The Karting Episode - our feature on a karting events held deep in Hampshire

Lee in a Stream Shocker - Arghhhh..

Keele 1998 in pictures - More alleged football action from a Northern PE hall

Suck Up to the Customer and you get Beer - This is not a joke !

Dublin November 1998 Pictures - Pictures of the MPN /ex-MPN trip to Dublin

IBM Club's Warwick Christmas Do - Moody B & W Pictures from the Metropole

MPN Footballing 1997 - our little rotterskicked a pigs bladder around in Keele

Malc's Secret - how were we to know about Malc's sordid nature, until these covert pictures were discovered?

MPN Day Out 1997 - The antics of us lotat the dogs and the club (lots of piccies - may take a while to load)

Family Dinner Pictures 1997 - Snapshots of the Family Dinner in the New Forest

Christmas Dinner 1997 - A few of the frames from Warwick in '97.


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