The Picture Guide to FOOTY at Keele 1998..........


Tim starts off the day how he means to go on.

Gray steps in to help the 'A' team. Lee, Pete and Matt also in shot.

Lee shows off his bulging ankle... and legs, arms, belly.............

Pete, as usual, the only person taking it seriously.

Our guys in training for the arduous matches to come. Facilities kindly provided by Ken's Pizzas.

The A Team, guess who is Hannibal, Face, BA Baracus and Murdock. Also shown : the unfortunate bird no-one can remember the name of, and the van.

The A team in action, they forgot the about the other team who went on to win this game 32-0.

Rik in goal showing the 'flat back 4' approach taken by the A team.

The B team. Porno, HotPot, Camster and Wingnut. Fabio (in goal!).

The B team in action, who did far better than the A team.

"Tim, we asked you to show us the bird - not what you did to her".


They Came from Behind - Lee Horner (Wide Boy), Simon Toms (Fat Boy), Pete Hughes (Pyscho), Matt McTernan (Muppet), Rik Brown (Rik Tum). ==== won 2, lost 5 - 5th in league

They Came from Behind Too - Andrew Birch (Hot Pot), Scott Wilson (Wingnut), Kayode Akeju (Porno) , Gray Webster (Fabio), Cameron Patterson (Camster).
	   ==== won 4    lost 3          - 3rd in league 

Subs -  Tim Barber (Non playing 'Voyeur')  Mike Freeman ('Skip'py the bush Kangaroo)    Malcolm Hare ('Twiglet')


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