The Picture Guide to the non-FOOTY at Keele 1999..........


Rik Doing his best to try to call off sick. No good mate we can see you, and you're playing. Even with THAT shirt.

Malc, Doing his best to look sexy (a la Richard O'Brien). Did he pull that night? Our survey says. {{PRESS HERE}}

Can't... Stop... Doing... The... Monkey....


They said our performance this year sounded like it was like an Italian football team : Piza Pizz.
Even though there were only 24 teams this year instead of 32, both teams just about qualified last in their groups for the first round, but this allowed for many more rounds of Double Vodka and Red Bull (6 ukp per go) at "The Place".
Top marks, of course, go to Tim Barber for not pulling a biffer this year.


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